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The Maryland Chapters of CHADD offer support through a variety of events.


Take a look below at just some of the events we offer. Look through the county most appropriate for you to find your local meetings. Please check our calendar to see all our upcoming events. If you have a suggestion for a particular event, please use the contact link to let us know.

CHADD Maryland Chapters, Support
Speaker Meetings
Support Groups
Parent/Caregiver Support

CHADD's Maryland Chapters holds monthly support group meetings for adults, parents/caregivers, and spouses/significant others. Some meeting topics include:

  • Organizational Strategies

  • Time Management

  • Workplace Support/Discussion

Parent Support Groups:

Adult Support Groups:

Online Women's Support Group:

Spouse/Significant Other Support Group:

Parents of Adults with ADHD Support Group:

Organization Support Group:

For parents of younger children with ADHD, in addition to support group meetings, we bring other important local events to your attention including public school Special Education Citizen Advisory Committee (SECAC) meetings. For parents of adult children, we provide a sounding board for children who are still struggling into adulthood.

Meetings include help on topics including:

  • Impacts of ADHD on Classroom Performance

  • Monitoring Behaviors

  • Planning and Organization

  • Money, risk, and relationship management

Click the following for more information about:

Greater Baltimore

This group runs presentations along with a parent support group.

Howard County Branch of Greater Baltimore

This group features invited speakers with Q&A and discussion following each talk. Meetings are posted to RSVP to Linda S. Ellis, Ph.D., chapter coordinator (

CHADD trains volunteers and ADHD service providers to offer Parent To Parent, Adult to Adult, and Teacher to Teacher training on ADHD programs.


Parents love this program and tell us it dramatically alters their relationship with their child who has ADHD.

Click here for more information about Parent to Parent training.

Click here for information about Adult to Adult training.

Clcik here for information about Teacher to Teacher training.

Here is an introductory video from CHADD's YouTube page

Support Groups
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